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2017 Squad

Coaches and Captains 2017

Markus Hall Defensive POG 8-10-17

K.J. Jimison Boars co- Defensive POG 8-10-17

Meade Tabata Boars Offensive POG 8-10-17

Travis Knight Boars POG 8-13-17

Zach Carroll Boars co- Offensive POG 8-13-17

Brandon Lucas Boars co-Offensive POG 8-13-17

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Knight closes out the season with the Knights

By Joe Cantrell 08/13/2017, 10:00pm EDT

Travis Knight K's 11 with win in season finale

Action Sports, Dayton Ohio.

The Boars returned to Action Sports center to close out the 2017 MVABL season with the Wright Knights. The visiting Boars sent veteran right handed pitcher Travis Knight to the mound in hopes of gaining momentum for the upcoming playoffs. Things were starting to look a little gloomy on the otherwise clear August day, as the Boars fell behind early. 

Knights lead-off hitter Jerel Bristol was on fire starting the day with 3 hits, 2 singles and a double in his first 3 at bats and scoring 3 runs for the Knights from those hits. Boars bats again were slow to get started, and Boars hitters were retired in order in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th innings. The Boars down 7 to 0 through 5 innings.

In the top of the 6th inning Danny Nordin struck out and Coty Hahn was flirting with extra bases in his first at bat, but the Knights left fielder made a great running catch running down the ball. Coty would not be denied as he drove a ball into the gap for a single. Meade Tabata drew a BB, and when Coty reached 2nd he was lifted for a pinch runner Greg Pfeiffer, after a pitch went to the backstop Pfeiffer wound up on 3rd. 

Brandon Lucas hit into a F/C but managed to beat the throw after Tabata was out at 2nd. Lucas stole 2nd. Zach Carroll  walked and Joey Wilson drove in Lucas and Pfeiffer and Billy Sweatt drove in Carroll. Sweatt and K.J. Jimison also scored, and the Boars were on the board trailing 7 to 5.

Knight went back to work now with a sense of relief as the bats had woken up. Knight to this point had 4 K's, but in order to keep his team in this he knew he needed to turn it up and turn it up he did.  Retiring the Knights hitters in order and by striking each of them out. Turner was caught looking in his opinion a questionable call, Austin McCabe went down swinging and the final out was the Knights pitcher Navritil, who went down trying to make contact but missing.

In the top of the 7th Catcher Dan Nordin took a ball down the left field line and off the fence and wound up standing on 2nd. scoring 2 batters later, after Greg Pfeiffer was walked and Meade Tabata HBP. Lucas hit into his 2nd F/C but again beat it out the throw as the throw to first sailed past Turner and Pfeiffer put the tying run on the board.

Michael Waite now on in relief of Navritil and the pitcher of record as the Boars tied the game. Waite sent a pitch to the outside of the plate where the always dangerous hitter Zach Carroll unloaded on it and sent it to the right field gap. Lucas scored giving the Boars a 8 to 7 lead.

Travis Knight always pitching better with a lead went back to the mound and retired the Knights hitters in order in the 7th and allowed only 1 hit in the 8th but got the next batter. 

The Boars did not score again and took the 1 run lead to the bottom of the 9th Knight struck out Turner for his 10th K. and the next hitter Austin McCabe became the 11th on the day. A sharp hit with a wicked hop off the shoulder of 3rd baseman K.J. Jimison allowed Rick Navritil to reach base and brought Jerel Bristol to the plate.

Bristol not wasting  any time took the first pitch and lined it toward center. and center fielder Brandon Lucas who read it perfect and had it from the start, and ran it down recording the 3rd out and giving the Boars the 8 to 7 victory and their 10th win in 2017.

Travis Knight took the complete game and the win with 9 innings pitched 7 R's, 4 earned, 1 BB and 11 K's and took Boars Defensive Player of the game.

Brandon Lucas 2 for 3, 2- R's 2 RBI's                                                                      Zach Carroll 2 for 3, 1- R,   2 RBI's  Take Boars Offensive Player of the game.

The Boars finished the regular season at 10-14 making the 2017 team the posting the best record since the team was founded. Next up for the Boars the 2017 MVABL playoffs against the Camden Redlegs on Saturday the 19th of August at Middletown Madison High School, in the best of 3 series Good luck guys and great job on the 2017 season.  

Mistakes costly to Boars

By Joe Cantrell 08/10/2017, 6:30pm EDT

Action Sports Center, Dayton Ohio.

In the final weeknight game of the 2017 season for the Boars, the team desperately needing to win out to make a move in the MVABL standing. Fell short as the mistakes and errors added up and proved costly for the Boars


The Royals attack started early and the miscues and mistakes piled up and Royals poured it on leading 4 to 0 after the 1st inning, Boars pitcher Markus Hall did all he could to get a ground ball or a pop-up but throwing errors and dropped balls were the order of the day, and to add insult Boars bats were just numb with NO hitting.

After 3 innings the Royals were up by 12 to 0 and were poised to complete the game when Boars bats woke up The Boars scoring 4 runs in the 4th to break up the shut out. 

Boars team Captain Meade Tabata laced a double to centerfield and scored along with Doug Adkins , Travis Knight and Zach Carroll also crossed the plate in the 4th inning Boars trailed 12 to 4.

But defense was not strong enough to hold back the Royals who came right back and put 3 back on the board in the bottom of the 4th to again lead 15 to 4 after 4 complete.

The Boars gave up 2 more in the runs in the 5th before K.J. Jimison was brought on to stop the Royals and he did but the damage had been done. The Boars bats went back into hibernation and were quiet the rest of the game giving the Royals Pitcher Tyler Evans the win.

Boars Offensive player of the game was Meade Tabata who was 2 for 4, 1 R, and a 2B.

Boars defensive players of the game were Markus Hall, 3 Assist and 1 Recorded P/O and a stabbing short hop catch to turn a double play.

K.J. Jimison 2 IP, 0-H, 0-R, 0-BB and 1-K.

Next up for the Boars is the season finale with the Wright Knights on August 13, at Action Sports at 1:00pm 

Boars sweep Expos

By Joe Cantrell 08/06/2017, 9:15pm EDT

Dobbins and Carroll combine for back to back wins

Howell Field, Dayton Ohio.

As the sun sets on the 2017 MVABL season the Wild Boars return to Howell field needing a pair of wins in hopes of moving up in the playoff standings. The Boars need to win out to move up in the standings.

In the way were the Expos and as in every week of the season the Expos came to play but even more so on this Sunday. The Boars sent P.J. Dobbins to the hill in hopes of getting a much needed win.

The Expos wasted little time in jumping out to a 3 to 0 lead after 2 innings of play, while the Boars bats remained quiet but threatening with bases loaded at one point but turned away with nothing, after an ill timed pop ups, or strikeouts.

In the 5th inning catcher Dan Nordin led off with the top of the order following, and alive the Boars bats came with a 7 run scoring rally. Which saw Nordin, K.J. Jimison, P.J. Dobbins, Meade Tabata, Zach Carroll, Doug Adkins and Billy Sweatt all make it home after Hits, walks and RBI's. Boars took the lead 7 to 3.

In the 6th inning the Boars added another 5 Runs from K.J. Jimison and the top of the order as the Boars lead off spots stayed hot.

A few fielding miscues allowed the Expos to close to within 5 at 12 to 7 But a perfect throw from Boars center fielder Doug Adkins to catcher Dan Nordin gunned down Expos runner Dakota Reumann and stopped him in his tracks, and as he tried to return to 3rd Nordin ran him down, and applied the tag to end the threat.

The Boars added a single run in the 7th to pad the lead to 13 to 7 and Dobbins took to the mound in the bottom of the 7th. Pitching on shear determination the Expos batters fell into his plan.  P J got the first Expo batter to ground out back to him and he delivered the ball to 1st baseman Joe Cantrell for the 1st out.

The 2nd out went to 2nd baseman Grant Mink, Grant flipped the ball to Cantrell for out number 2. The 3rd out was suppose to come in the form of a sharp hit ground ball to 3rd baseman Zach Carroll, Zach speared the ball hit by Expos leader Chris Campbell, but his momentum carried him into foul territory and the throw was off the mark and high over the head of the  1st baseman. Campbell then went to 2nd base. The last out came in the form of a pop fly to right field. Right fielder Billy Sweatt ranged to his right on a dead sprint and hauled it in for the final out and the giving the Boars the win for game 1.

Dobbins secured the Boars Offensive player of the game with 7 innings pitched, 3 ER, 3 BB, and 6 K's.

Doug Adkins went 3 for 3, 2 R, 2 RBI'S and 1 BB.                             Meade Tabata went 3 for 3, 2 R, 3 RBI's, and 1 BB.                                K.J. Jimison went 3 for 4, 3 R, 1 RBI                                                                       All shared the Boars Offensive player of the game.


In the late game Zach Carroll, took the mound knowing he needed to duplicate the game P.J. had just thrown and he did not disappoint. 

After allowing 1 run to cross the plate in the 1st, The Boars hitters staked their veteran right handed pitcher to a 3 to 1 lead, after Tabata, Carroll and Chris Musick crossed the plate. 

In the Boars bottom of the 2nd, after holding the Expos to zero, Joe Cantrell, drew a 5 pitch walk and Coty Hahn grounded into a double play and the Expos were poised to get out of the inning without giving up anything. P.J. Dobbins hit a ball hard and in the rush to get the ever speedy Dobbins, the throw arrived late and high and sailed to the fence and the still very fast Dobbins wound up on the 3rd without looking back. Dobbins scored and the Boars now up 4 to 1 had given their pitcher all the runs he would need.

The 3rd inning came and went without either team scoring again when the  Expos pulled to within 1 by pushing 2 runs across in the 4th. The Boars came to bat in the bottom of the 4th. Grant Mink led off with a single and Dan Nordin drew a walk, a wild pitch sent them to 3rd and 2nd. Joe Cantrell went 3-0 and Expos pitcher threw a solid strike 1 pitch down the heart of the plate. When he delivered the same exact pitch in the middle of the plate Cantrell sent it to left field on a solid rope. Scoring Mink and Nordin, Cantrell wound up on 3rd after a couple wild pitches, and Coty Hahn drew a walk and stole 2nd base. Rob Johnson sent a shot to the outfield and the Boars were off again, Cantrell, Hahn, Johnson, Dobbins and Tabata  all scored again in the 7 run rally to put the Boars up 11 - 3.

In the 5th inning Dan Nordin led off and got on first, and on the 2nd pitch broke for 2nd Joe Cantrell put down the perfect bunt and ran to 1st just beating out the throw but allowing Nordin to advance to 3rd, Both Nordin and Cantrell scored putting the Boars up 13 - 3.

Carroll was rolling through the Expos line up. But the Expos threatened in the 6th with 2 outs when catcher Dakota Reumann attempted to come home on a ball that just got away from Meade Tabata who flipped to Carroll at home who applied the tag in the collision at the plate for the 3rd out. 

 Both coaches agreed to lift Carroll as to avoid injury.  Coty Hahn was sent out in the 7th to  finish the the game. Hahn struck out Matt Clagg for the 1st out. The 2nd out went to Grant Mink at 2nd base who went to 1st for the 2nd out. And unlike game 1 a pop-up hit to P.J.  Dobbins fittingly ended the game.

Zach Carroll picks up the Boars Defensive player of the game with 6 IP, 4 BB, 2 K's 

Meade Tabata went 1for 2, 2 R, 2 BB, 1 RBI                                                    Joe Cantrell went 2 for 2, 2 R, 1 BB, 2 RBI's                                                   Shared Boars Offensive player's of the game.

The Boars will return to Action Sports on August 10, Thursday night, against the Royals on Diamond 1 at 7:30pm    

Boars battle Royals in back forth game 1 of a DH

By Joe Cantrell 07/30/2017, 10:00pm EDT

Copas throws a 3 hit shutout on eve of his Birthday

Action Sports Center Diamond 2, Dayton Ohio

The Boars finally met up with the Royals from the rain outs early in the year. The back and forth game continued after both teams went through 3 innings with no one scoring, The Royals broke out and put 3 runs on the board in the 4th. The Boars shut down the Royals in the 5th on the arm of Coty Hahn in relief of Joey  Wilson, the starter and the Royals lead was short lived as the Boars delivered 5 runs in the 5th to lead 5 to 3 after 5.

But the Boars lead was just as short as the Royals powered across 5 extra runs in the 6th. Brandon Lucas was brought on to stop the Royals who pushed across 3 in the 7th and the Boars could only manage to 2 runs back and lost 11 to 7.

In game 1

Markus Hall took Boars Offensive player of the game for his 1 for 3 2 Runs scored, 1 BB, 0- K's

P.J. Dobbins took Defensive player of the game with 3 recorded P/O 1 assist and 0 errors.

Game 2 sent Garret Copas to the mound for his debut Boars start and it did not disappoint. The Boars visiting this game staked the tall right handed pitcher  to a 1 to 0 lead in the 1st inning and it was all he would need. 

On the eve of his 28th Birthday Copas was all business as he took the mound inning after inning. Only in trouble once but the ever dangerous combination of Hall to Mink to Musick ended the threat with a double play. 

The Double play combination of Hall and Mink turned 3 double plays on the day and 3rd baseman Zach Carroll got into the fray with his own 5 to 4 to 3. The Boars added security runs in the 2nd and in the 6th but the day belonged to Copas.

Copas took the complete game shutout into the 7th and with determination behind him got stronger as the inning went on. Copas faced off with Royals hitters with the Boars leading by 3, Ramsey started the inning with a base hit but was put out on F/C Hall to Mink.  A pop up snagged by right fielder Greg Pfeiffer and Copas took the last batter himself with his 8th strikeout.

When the inning was done Copas had a complete game shutout 7 innings pitched, 3-H, 0- Runs, 5 BB and 8 K's 

Garret Copas took Boars Offensive and Defensive Player of the game Offensively Copas was 1 for 2 with an RBI 1 BB, 0 K's

Defensively he went 7-IP, 3-H's, 5-BB's, K's 

Congratulation Garret on securing the Boars 1st shutout in 2017. Next up the Boars go to Howell Field to battle the Expos in a DH at 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm hope you can make it out to Howell.

Slammers slam door on Boars 10 - 0

By Joe Cantrell 07/25/2017, 9:15pm EDT

Action Sports Center, Diamond 2, Dayton Ohio.

Hits came few few and far between for the Boars with the sun setting into the night sky. The Boars only reaching 2nd base twice against the ever powerful Slammers from South Dayton.

Greg Pfeiffer started things with a base hit in the 2nd, but a double play started by the Slammers 2nd baseman put the Boars with 2 outs. 

The only other hit for the Boars came off the bat of Brandon Lucas who hit a chopper down the first base line which took a sharp hop over the first base glove and wound up in right field.

Boars pitching fell behind early, and the bats never found any groove as the Slammers mixed up pitching well, as  the evening sky turned dark.  Garret Copas found first  base twice in the form of walks and tried to pump the bench into a rally but was stranded by strikeouts or the victim of a double play ball.

Zach Carroll the Boars 3rd pitcher came on and managed to stop the scoring but the damage was done. Carroll went 2 1/3 had 1-K  0 - runs scored, and racked up the  Boars Defensive player of the game.

Brandon Lucas and Greg Pfeiffer, share the Boars Offensive player of the game on a lackluster night for the Offense 

W/L Record

Year Wins Losses
2015 1 25
2016 6 16


Year Players
2015 Travis Knight, Eric Nelson
2016 Brandon Lucas, Doug Adkins, Zach Carroll

League Honors

Year Player Award
2016 Brandon Lucas Draft Pick of The Year