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Wild Boars open with Stars

By Joe Cantrell, 04/12/21, 11:00AM EDT


Rookie class shines

The Boars opened the 2021 season in unfamiliar territory. After last minute schedule switching and changes. facilitated a moving of games. The Wild Boars want to extend a multitude of thanks to Ryan MacFarlane and the Xenia Scouts organization, for allowing the Boars to utilize Grady Field in the early game at AIA. The Staff and organizers at Athletes in Action, made the transition to the new location smooth and effortless, and we thank them.


The Boars in black for home games, took the field against the new Expansion Stars in their first game in the MVABL, The Washington Twp. club with a lot of new faces on the team this year sent rookie pitcher Nick Stewart to the mound in his MVABL debut.


Stewart did not disappoint striking out the first 3 batters he faced. and the Boars came to bat. The Boars leadoff duo of Markus Hall and Jacob Greve, both walked. Matt Seibert lifted a deep ball to right to move Hall to 3rd. Gary North picked up his 1st RBI of 2021, on the 6-3 put out. but the Boars had scored.


Greve scored on wild pitch, and Sully Minner walked. The big blow came when Boars right fielder and utility player, Aaron "Mookie" Holmes laced a ball to right field over the right fielder and Holmes was off for his 1st triple since putting on a Boars uniform. Holmes later scored on a past ball. But the damage was done and the Boars lead was 4 to 0.


Stewart went back to work but this time the Boars defense got involved, A fly out to Brayden Miracle in left, and a ground out to Hall at 3rd base. Nick Lyle the Stars starting pitcher shot a ball to right and Holmes slipped on the turf, and Lyle raced to 3rd with a triple. Stewart unfazed struck out the next batter. to end the Stars threat.


The bottom of the 2nd was a back breaker for the Stars. A couple miscues by the Stars was all the Boars needed, Rookie Jason Combs reached on an error, and Jimmy Herold (wife expecting and all) hit his first single which sent Combs to 3rd,and Combs was brought in on a Markus Hall double.


Jacob Greve hit a ball to the right centerfield gap and smoked the bases to pull into 3rd where he was stopped. 2 walks later and Sully Minner took a long fly ball to the wall in right and cleared the bases, to answer Gary North's challenge, with 3 RBI's.


Unfortunately for the Stars every Boar that hit in the 2nd scored. and the Boars lead was large. Highlight catch for the Stars though was when Mookie Holmes hit a ball to the deepest part of Grady Field and Centerfielder Nathan Pfeiffer ran it down and made a diving catch ESPN highlight worthy style.


Today belonged to the Boars veterans, and the Rookies. Stewart struck out 3 more batters to get 6 on the day. Handing it over to Lefty Matt Yates, who gave up a line shot snagged by Matt Seibert at short, Struck out the middle batter, and a line shot that was also snagged by Jason Combs.


A highlight in the 3rd came after Brayden Miracle hit a single and was brought home by his father Brian on ground out RBI, Brian would later rip a single of his own to go .500 for the game.


Stewart would get the win for 3 innings pitched, 0 Runs on 2 hits and 6 K's


Jimmy Herold was 3 for 3 scored 4 times, with 2 RBI's


Jacob Greve, went 2 for 2, with a triple, scored 4 runs, 2 BB, 2 SB, 2 RBI's


Aaron Mookie Holmes was 3 for 4 with a triple and 2 singles, 3 runs scored, 2 SB and 2 RBI's


Sully Minner was 2 for 3 with a triple a BB 3 runs scored,


Aaron Mookie Holmes takes Boars Offensive Player of the Game


Matt Seibert and Jason Combs take Boars Defensive Player of the game.


The Boars turn their attention to next Sunday as the face off against the Machine at Gastineau (we hope) in a 1PM game Hopefully the weather will be a lot more cooperative this week.