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2017 Squad

Coaches and Captains 2017

Travis Knight Boars POG 8-13-17

Meade Tabata Wild Boars 2017 Hitting Leader

Meade Tabata #7 Boars 2017 MVP

Markus Hall 2017 Wild Boars Rookie of the Year

Markus Hall- Wild Boars 2017 Rookie of the Year

Joey Wilson #00 Wild Boars Cy Young Winner

Markus Hall #4 2017 Wild Boars Gold Glove Winner

Bulletin Board

Tabata claims Boars Top Award named 2017 Most Valuable Player

By Joe Cantrell 09/21/2017, 6:45pm EDT

Tabata edges Hall for MVP to go with Hitting award

The Wild Boars Baseball Club wants to congratulate our 2017 Boars Team Most Valuable Player, #7 Meade Tabata. Congratulations Meade for all your hard work and dedication this season to the team your leadership and abilities have given us the most wins in a season, in Boars history .


Tabata also took the top hitting honors and nearly came away with the trifecta of the Gold Glove. Meade our primary Catcher in 2017 and our top hitter. Making him the 1st Boars player to claim both Hitting and MVP in the same season.


"Meade could play anywhere on the field and the club would benefit " said Boars mgr. Joe Cantrell, " We were lucky to pick him up in the 2015 season one of the waiver wire sign ons that has worked for us".


For the Boars top Award it came down to a Coaches vote and by a unanimous decision. Meade took the top honor over Rookie of the Year Markus Hall. Meade joins the Following Boars MVP's


Travis Knight - 2015

Casey Smith - 2016


Tabata was also honored by the MVABL All Team in 2017 on the 2nd team also the 1st Boars player to receive that honor. He was also a runner up in the leagues MVABL selection. Meade Tabata was given the Captains position in 2017 and this season will be a Senior Captain and Hitting Coach on the Club we are honored to have him on our team and Congratulate him on his Accomplishment.


#7 Meade Tabata Wild Boars Baseball MVP

Gold Glove Winner comes down to a tie Hall vs Tabata

By Joe Cantrell 09/12/2017, 7:00pm EDT

Coaches Vote gives Rookie Hall Gold Glove

The Gold Glove winner this year for the Wild Boars came down to a Coaches and Captains vote since Tabata and Hall are now Captains both votes were cancelled out. By a Coaches / Captains vote of  5 to 1 the Wild Boars recipient of the Gold Glove for the 2017 season is Markus Hall.

Hall and Tabata battled to the end both getting an unprecedented 4 Offensive and Defensive Players of the game in the same game. When push came to shove Meade would win Offensive Player in Games where Markus would take Defensive Player. if it was a Double Header each of them would top the other by taking both Offensive and Defensive in the other game.

Both amassed a total of 42 Points to the Gold Glove award both are deserving and it came to the Captains and the Coaches to decide. The Captains, Senior Captains Travis Knight and K.J. Jimison and new Captain Brandon Lucas all placed their votes and Assistant Manager Rob Johnson cast his and both Markus and Meade as Captains, their vote was split to give them each 1 at the end the result was a 5 to 1 vote for Markus Hall to receive the Boars Gold Glove award.

As Manager Joe Cantrell said " I am glad it was a unanimous decision as in the event of a tie, I vote to break the tie, and I am not sure I could of chose one over the other".

Markus Hall a Rookie becomes the 2nd Rookie to win the Award behind Doug Adkins in 2016. There was No winner in 2015. Markus played Short-Stop in every game he played for the Boars or Pitched and collected 1 save for his efforts.

I am pleased to present the 2017 Gold Glove Award from the Wild Boars Baseball Club to Markus Hall SS #4.

Tabata and Carroll Battle for Boars Top Hitting Title

By Joe Cantrell 09/07/2017, 7:30pm EDT

Tabata edges Carroll by 1 triple

In the tightly contested Wild Boars team hitting title, the lead went back and forth between Zach Carroll and Team Captain Meade Tabata. It came down to 1 extra base hit a triple by Tabata that got him the title.

In the Boars new points system that gives all hitters a base point and adds points to it based upon what they do at the plate Tabata finished with 94 points, Carroll finished with 90 said  Mgr. Joe Cantrell. "The Boars went to this system in 2017 in an effort to fend off the arguments of favoritism and to create a system in which all players could compete",  Cantrell added.  "The points give all players a base starting point based on average over .400 gets you 20 points  over .300 you start at 15 points and acquire points as follows, Hits - 1 point per hit, doubles 2- points per hit, triple gets you 3 points plus your 1 for your hit, and Home runs get 5. Stolen bases, base on balls, and RBI's get 1 point a piece add them all up and you get what you get".

Meade Tabata led the Boars with his team high .440 average hits, 13 base on balls, 8 doubles 1 triple, 15 RBI's, 5 stolen bases and was hit by 4 pitches. Carroll led the Boars with 30 hits and drove in 19 runs which made the points so close but in the end it came to 1 extra base hit and digging hard to make the extra base.

Meade Tabata picks up his first team hitting title since joining the Boars in 2015 where he saw limited action and again in 2016 when he was deployed.

All of the Boars want to say Congratulations to Meade Tabata the Boars 2017 Wild Boars Hitting Leader.

Wilson Takes Boars team Cy Young Award for 2017

By Joe Cantrell 09/04/2017, 6:00pm EDT

Wilson Beats out Dobbins for top pitching award

Rookie pitcher Joey Wilson bested Veteran pitcher P.J. Dobbins by 13 points in the Cy Young award points system from the Wild Boars.  In the tightly contested team  pitching award had 8 Boars pitcher after the award.

Running away with it was Joey Wilson #00 Joey pitched 33 1/3 innings getting his 1 win but keeping the Boars within striking distance at all times, though offense failed to give him more wins his team low 4.59 ERA and 28 strike outs gave him the points he needed to overtake Dobbins. 

Dobbins a 2 game winner this year was 3rd on the team with his ERA behind Garret Copas.

Wilson also threw 2 complete games 1 a thing of  perfection against last years league champions and First Team All MVABL pitcher Aaron Carmack only to lose it the 7th by 1 run. Wilson dueled with Carmack one of the leagues best pitchers. This award came down to Innings pitched, strike outs and ERA that is where Wilson  pulled away from the rest.

Other Boars Pitchers winning the team award are,                                    Brandon Lucas - 2016                                                                                                   Dexter Poole - 2015

The scoring went as follows #1 Wilson - 92, #2 Dobbins -79, #3 Knight- 62, #4 Lucas - 54, #5 Hahn - 50, #6 Carroll - 39, #7 Copas 34**, #8 Pfeiffer 31** 

** Copas and Pfeiffer Injuries in season prevented more games from being pitched.

Congratulations Joey Wilson, Wild Boars 2017 Cy Young Winner. 

Hall Claims Boars Rookie of the Year

By Joe Cantrell 09/02/2017, 10:15am EDT

Best Wilson by just 3 points in ROY award

This Years Rookie class consisted of 3 walk-on players and 1 draft pick. It saw 1 get his first ever home run. And turned out to be the closest Rookie of the Year contest in team history. Separated by just 3 points when all was said and done, it found Markus Hall leading Joey Wilson by just 3 points and Billy Sweatt hanging in there 6 points back.

Markus Hall #4 walked on and instantly changed the dynamics of the Boars infield. With Hall at short and Mink at 2nd the Boars middle infield turned over 16 double plays and were one of the main reasons for the Boars success in 2017.

Markus anchored the infield at short. Offensively he had a team 3rd best batting average at .419, Markus went 18 for 43 with 2 doubles had 12 base on balls and 8 stolen bases and drove in 6 RBI's.

Markus also pitched and picked up 1 save in his efforts. Markus was recognized by the MVABL voting finishing 4th among all Short Stops in the league All Team awards. Markus places his name in Boars Records as Rookie of the year along with,                                                                                    Brandon Lucas - 2016                                                                                                    Tyler Klepach - 2015                                                               Markus is the 2nd Short Stop named to this list behind Klepach in 2015.

The Wild Boars Baseball Club is pleased to present the 2017  team Rookie of the Year award to Short Stop #4 Markus Hall 


W/L Record

Year Wins Losses
2017 10 14
2016 6 16
2015 1 25


Year Players
2017 Grant Mink, Meade Tabata, Joey Wilson
2016 Brandon Lucas, Doug Adkins, Zach Carroll
2015 Travis Knight, Eric Nelson

League Honors

Year Player Award
2017 Meade Tabata All MVABL 2nd team Catcher
2016 Brandon Lucas Draft Pick of The Year