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Dayton Rangers 2015 Team Photo

Back Row (L to R): Jonmarc Lippincott, Joe Staten, Brennen Glass, Phil Dickerson, Robert Riley, Kody Barth, Ben Schubert. Front Row (L to R): Steve Marshall, Todd Peck, Brandon Riley, Joe Becker, Nick Gilmore

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Rangers Survive Sweltering Heat to Sweep Knights

By Jonmarc Lippincott 06/21/2018, 8:30pm EDT

The surface of the sun was the setting for Sunday's twinbill against the Wright Knights.  Game 1 was a continuation of a May suspended game with the Rangers already trailing 3-0 with the Knights batting in the bottom of the second inning.

Ben Schooler took the mound in relief of Ian Rike, who was unavailable for the game.  Inheriting a runner at second, the Knights took advantage of a fielding miscue to take a 4-0 lead. But that was the last lead the Knights would have on the day.

The Rangers' bats were just as hot as the smoldering weather conditions.  The Rangers took advantage of three fielding errors and got a big 2-out, 2-run double from Brandon Marshall to build a 5-4 advantage in the third. Schooler would quiet the Knights bats over the next two innings while the Rangers increased their lead. After Stephen Hoendorf led off the fourth with a double, Schooler drove him in with his 100th career RBI.  With Joe Becker running, Cooper Nolte singled in a run to make it 7-4. After stealing second and going to third on an error, Marshall plated Nolte for an 8-4 score. The Rangers added two more with a 2-run single in the fifth by Hoendorf.

The Knights got a run back on a Jake Postel RBI single in the fifth to cut the lead to 10-5. Both pitching corps grew weary in the sixth as the Rangers piled on 7 runs, while the Knights responded with 8 of their own off of 3 Rangers pitcher. However, the Rangers retained a 17-13 lead. Highlights from the 6th inning came from Ben Schooler's solo home run and RBI single, Jonmarc Lippincott's 2-run single, and Hoendorf's 3-run homer.

The Rangers added a pair in the top of the seventh off of an error and a fielder's choice. Short on pitchers, the Rangers called upon catcher Stephen Hoendorf (rather Stephen volunteered) to help soften the damage. And he was very effective, allowing just 2 runs over 2 innings of work as the Rangers held on to win 19-14 in game one.

Workhorse Joe Becker took the mound for game 2 and got early run support. The Rangers batted around in the bottom of the first, as the first 7 batters reached base and scored. RBIs came from Ben Schooler, Cooper Nolte, Brandon Marshall (2), Rhett Gipe, and Cody Pelfrey. The Knights manufactured two runs in the second and three in the top of the third to cut the lead to 7-5. 

However, the Rangers put up a two-out rally in the bottom of the third as Nick Gilmore singled home a run and scored on Eric Becker's triple. Schooler followed with a single to plate Becker to make the score 11-5. Joe blanked the Knights over the next three frames as it was obvious that the heat was taking its toll on everyone. The Rangers did get an RBI single from newly signed Chris Ridl and couple more runs on errors. And the Knights fancied themselves a couple runs as well in their final at-bat. The Rangers survived the game and the DH sweep, winning game two 14-7.

Ben Schooler picked up his first win on the mound since the 2012 playoffs, and Joe Becker moved to 4-2 on the season with his 5th complete game of the year.

W/L Record

Year Wins Losses
2017 14 10
2016 12 9
2015 20 5
2014 19 8
2013 17 10
2012 18 11
2011 14 13
2010 19 6
2009 18 5
2008 16 11
2007 12 8
2006 11 10
2005 9 12
2004 11 10
2003 18 3
2002 18 4
2001 12 13
2000 11 16
1999 12 12
1998 22 13
1997 10 14


Year Players
2017 Eric Becker, Joe Becker, Ryan Kemp, Ben Schooler, Brandon Marshall
2016 Eric Becker, Joe Becker, Matt Delbridge, Nick Gilmore, Jonmarc Lippincott, Todd Peck, Robert Riley
2015 Brandon Riley, Nick Gilmore, Joe Becker, Brennen Glass, Steve Marshall, Ben Schubert
2014 Brandon Riley, Robert Riley, Kody Barth
2013 Brandon Riley, Robert Riley, Joe Becker, Matthew Delbridge
2012 Brandon Riley, Robert Riley, Jonmarc Lippincott, Ian Huss, Shawn Schmitt
2011 Ben Schubert, Zach Carroll, Shawn Schmitt
2010 Jonmarc Lippincott, Robert Riley, Shawn Schmitt, Ben Schooler, Clint Wolf, Joe Staten, Jonathan Silverman
2009 Jonmarc Lippincott, Robert Riley, Steve Marshall, Brad Clark, Jake Kingsolver, Clint Wolf, Shane Fallen
2008 Jonmarc Lippincott, Clint Wolf, Brad Clark, Jacob Robinson, James Robinson, Jelani Arnold
2007 Brad Clark, Clint Wolf, Jared Bradley, Joe Staten, Jacob Robinson (Defensive Player of the Game)
2006 No All Star Game
2005 Clint Wolf, Joe Staten, Jacob Robinson
2004 Brian Robinson, Clint Wolf, Courtney Parks, Ethan Goetz, Scott Pollak, Shawn Schmitt

League Honors

Year Player Award
2017 Brandon Marshall All-MVABL 2nd Team (SS)
2017 Nick Gilmore All-MVABL 2nd Team (2B)
2017 Ryan Kemp All-MVABL 2nd Team (P)
2017 Brody Dunlevy MVABL Draft Pick of the Year
2017 Ryan Kemp MVABL Cy Young
2017 Ryan Kemp All-Star Game HR Derby Champ
2017 Joe Becker All-Star Game Co-Defensive POG
2016 Kody Barth All-MVABL 1st Team (SS)
2016 Nick Gilmore All-MVABL 1st Team (2B)
2015 Brandon Riley All-MVABL 1st Team (C)
2015 Brennen Glass All-MVABL 1st Team (1B)
2015 Nick Gilmore All-MVABL 1st Team (2B)
2015 Robert Riley All-MVABL 2nd Team (3B)
2015 Todd Peck Playoffs MVP
2014 Jonmarc Lippincott MVABL Coach of the Year
2014 Kody Barth MVABL Rookie of the Year
2014 Robert Riley All-MVABL 1st Team (3B)
2013 Robert Riley All-MVABL 2nd Team (3B)
2012 Ian Huss MVABL College Player of the Year
2012 Ian Huss All-MVABL 1st Team (3B)
2012 Joe Becker Playoffs MVP
2012 Robert Riley MVABL Most Improved Player
2010 Clint Wolf All-MVABL 1st Team (OF)
2010 Clint Wolf MVABL XBH Leader
2010 Joe Staten All-MVABL 2nd Team (1B)
2010 Jonathan Silverman All-MVABL 2nd Team (P)
2010 Robert Riley All-MVABL 1st Team (3B)
2009 Brandon Howard All-MVABL 2nd Team (SS)
2009 Jelani Arnold Playoffs MVP
2009 Robert Riley All-MVABL 2nd Team (3B)
2009 Jake Kingsolver All-MVABL 1st Team (OF)
2009 Clint Wolf All-MVABL 1st Team (OF)
2008 Jacob Robinson MVABL Cy Young
2008 Jacob Robinson All-MVABL 1st Team (P)
2008 Jonmarc Lippincott All-MVABL 1st Team (SS)
2008 Clint Wolf All-MVABL 1st Team (OF)
2007 Clint Wolf MVABL MVP
2007 Clint Wolf All-MVABL 1st Team (OF)
2007 Joe Staten All-MVABL 1st Team (1B)
2006 Clint Wolf MVABL MVP
2006 Clint Wolf MVABL XBH Leader
2006 Clint Wolf All-MVABL 1st Team (OF)