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2022 Wright Knights

Wright Knights 2019 Team Photo

Knightly News

Knights Put on New Uniforms for game against Orioles

By Joe Cantrell 04/25/2022, 8:00pm EDT

Knights new uni's take on the undefeated Orioles.

Knights with a new look in 2022 took down the undefeated Orioles on Sunday and meet the Rangers on May 1st.

W/L Record

Year Wins Losses
2019 8 16
2018 7 17
2017 12 12
2016 10 12
2015 12 14
2014 9 18
2013 10 17


Year Players
2019 Jerel Bristol, Connor Bishop, Richard Navratil, Tyler Philo, Tom Ricciardi
2018 Jerel Bristol, Alec Hutzelman, Connor Bishop, Richard Navratil
2017 Alec Hutzelman, Jerel Bristol, Alan Hooper, Anthony Turner
2016 Jerel Bristol, Quentin Walker, Glenn Yawger
2015 Jerel Bristol, Jake Postel, Glenn Yawger, Zack McKinzie
2014 Jeff Tetrault (Offensive Player of the Game), Jerel Bristol
2013 Dustin Estepp, Jerel Bristol

League Honors

Year Player Award
2019 Jerel Bristol All-MVABL 1st Team (OF)
2017 Alec Hutzelman MVABL Rookie of the Year
2017 Alec Hutzelman All-MVABL 1st Team (SS)
2017 Jerel Bristol All-MVABL 2nd Team (OF)
2017 Alan Hooper All-MVABL 2nd Team (OF
2016 Quentin Walker All-MVABL 2nd Team (3B)
2016 Jerel Bristol All-MVABL 1st Team (OF)
2015 Jerel Bristol All-MVABL Second Team (OF)
2014 Jerel Bristol All-MVABL Second Team (OF)
2013 Jerel Bristol ROY, Batting Avg Leader, All-MVABL First Team (OF)