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Madlinger and Machine 2 and 0 Start

By Joe Cantrell 04/11/2022, 9:15pm EDT

Madlinger goes 9 in win for Machine

Andrew Madlinger went 9 innings in the complete game win Sunday. The Machine now 2 and 0 on the season. Madlinger went 9 innings allowed 3 runs and struck out 7.

W/L Record

Year Wins Losses
2019 10 14
2018 18 7
2017 14 10
2016 18 8
2015 19 7
2014 17 9


Year Players
2019 Eric Reardon, Paul Wilson, Kevin Reynolds, Brad Debarr, Miguel Perez, Spencer Kirby
2018 Eric Reardon, Paul Wilson, Mark Carpenter, Kevin Reynolds, Anthony Nelson, Cole Quillen
2017 Matt Clark, Paul Wilson, Abdiel Torres-Vega, Brehon Perry, Kevin Reynolds
2016 P. Wilson, J. Wilson, Sokowoski, Clark
2015 P. Wilson, J. Wilson, Vinson, Beyerle, McGill
2014 P.Wilson, J.Wilson, Montoya

League Honors

2019 Eric Reardon All-MVABL 2nd Team (1B)
2018 Nigel Watson Assistant Coach of the Year
2018 Eric Reardon Batting Title
2018 Mark Carptenter All-MVABL First Team (SS)
2018 Paul Wilson All-MVABL Second Team (OF)
2018 Kevin Reynolds All-MVABL Second Team (OF)
2018 Eric Reardon All-MVABL Second Team (1B)
2017 Abdiel Torres-Vega All-MVABL 1st Team (2B)
2017 Brehon Perry All-MVABL 2nd Team (SS)
2017 Paul Wilson All-MVABL 1st Team (OF)
2016 Matt Clark Batting Title (.557)
2016 Matt Clark ROTY Honors
2016 Paul Wilson 2nd Team P
2016 Matt Clark 1st Team OF
2016 Matt Sullivan 2nd Team SS
2016 Jake Wilson 1st Team C
2015 Paul Wilson League MVP
2015 Paul Wilson Strike Outs Leader (123)
2015 Paul Wilson 1st Team OF
2015 Jake Wilson 1st Team SS
2014 Paul Wilson X-Base Hits Leader (22)
2014 Paul Wilson 1st Team OF
2014 Eric McCoy 1st Team C
2014 Nick Montoya 2nd Team 2B
2014 Jake Wilson 2nd Team SS