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Dayton Rangers 2015 Team Photo

Back Row (L to R): Jonmarc Lippincott, Joe Staten, Brennen Glass, Phil Dickerson, Robert Riley, Kody Barth, Ben Schubert. Front Row (L to R): Steve Marshall, Todd Peck, Brandon Riley, Joe Becker, Nick Gilmore

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Rangers Roundup

All-Star Game 2017 Updates

By Jonmarc Lippincott 08/11/2017, 4:45pm EDT

Rangers' pitchers Kemp and Becker tagged to start

Since the original All-Star Game date got rained out, we will be moving it now to Saturday, August 12 at Action Sports Center in Dayton. 

The game will start at Noon and will be preceded by the Homerun Derby, which will begin at 10 am.

Rick Anderson of the South Dayton Slammers and Paul Wilson of the Mad River Machine will be the All-Star coaches this year. 

Each team was granted an 'Automatic Starter' who will be guaranteed a spot in the starting lineup. Here is the list of those players who were recognized for this honor:

Rangers – Ben Schooler
Wild Boars – Grant Mink
Expos – Jake Walters
Redlegs - Kyle Arend
Slammers – Troy Koze
Machine – Paul Wilson
Knights – Alan Hooper
Royals – Zane Vogelsang

Here are the updated rosters for the 2017 MVABL All-Star teams:
u - unavailable
* - denotes replacement


Todd Barhorst, Joe Becker, Jerel Bristol, u-Aaron Carmack, u-Deane Grandfield, Mike Hartman, u-Alan Hooper, Alec Hutzelman, u-Troy Koze, u-Tanner Lee, u-JR Nixon, Neil Stafford, u-Meade Tabata, u-Zane Vogelsang, Rick Anderson, *Eric Becker, *Joseph Wilson, *Dakota Reumann, *Mark Barhorst, *Ryan Gross, *Michael Cookson, *Christian Evans


Kyle Arend, Dan Barhorst, Chris Flaherty, Ryan Kemp, Brandon Marshall, Grant Mink, Brehon Perry, Matt Redman, Kevin Reynolds, u-Jacob Robinson, Ben Schooler, Abdiel Torres-Vega, Jake Walters, Paul Wilson, u-Matt Clark, *Anthony Turner, *Matt Mattice

All-Star Notes:

  • Knights’ Jerel Bristol has the longest active streak to appear in an All-Star Game (5)
  • Rangers' Ryan Kemp and Rangers' Joe Becker will be the starting pitchers for this year's All-Star Game, marking the first time pitchers from the same regular season team will face each other.
  • Over half of the players (19) will be making their first All-Star appearance
  • 12 rookies were named to the All-Star teams
  • Royals’ Neil Stafford (.375 avg.) and Redlegs’ Matt Redman (league-best 7 wins) are making their first ASG appearance in their 7th season

W/L Record

Year Wins Losses
2017 14 10
2016 12 9
2015 20 5
2014 19 8
2013 17 10
2012 18 11
2011 14 13
2010 19 6
2009 18 5
2008 16 11
2007 12 8
2006 11 10
2005 9 12
2004 11 10
2003 18 3
2002 18 4
2001 12 13
2000 11 16
1999 12 12
1998 22 13
1997 10 14


Year Players
2016 Eric Becker, Joe Becker, Matt Delbridge, Nick Gilmore, Jonmarc Lippincott, Todd Peck, Robert Riley
2015 Brandon Riley, Nick Gilmore, Joe Becker, Brennen Glass, Steve Marshall, Ben Schubert
2014 Brandon Riley, Robert Riley, Kody Barth
2013 Brandon Riley, Robert Riley, Joe Becker, Matthew Delbridge
2012 Brandon Riley, Robert Riley, Jonmarc Lippincott, Ian Huss, Shawn Schmitt
2011 Ben Schubert, Zach Carroll, Shawn Schmitt
2010 Jonmarc Lippincott, Robert Riley, Shawn Schmitt, Ben Schooler, Clint Wolf, Joe Staten, Jonathan Silverman
2009 Jonmarc Lippincott, Robert Riley, Steve Marshall, Brad Clark, Jake Kingsolver, Clint Wolf, Shane Fallen
2008 Jonmarc Lippincott, Clint Wolf, Brad Clark, Jacob Robinson, James Robinson, Jelani Arnold
2007 Brad Clark, Clint Wolf, Jared Bradley, Joe Staten, Jacob Robinson (Defensive Player of the Game)
2006 No All Star Game
2005 Clint Wolf, Joe Staten, Jacob Robinson
2004 Brian Robinson, Clint Wolf, Courtney Parks, Ethan Goetz, Scott Pollak, Shawn Schmitt

League Honors

Year Player Award
2016 Kody Barth All-MVABL 1st Team (SS)
2016 Nick Gilmore All-MVABL 1st Team (2B)
2015 Brandon Riley All-MVABL 1st Team (C)
2015 Brennen Glass All-MVABL 1st Team (1B)
2015 Nick Gilmore All-MVABL 1st Team (2B)
2015 Robert Riley All-MVABL 2nd Team (3B)
2015 Todd Peck Playoffs MVP
2014 Jonmarc Lippincott MVABL Coach of the Year
2014 Kody Barth MVABL Rookie of the Year
2014 Robert Riley All-MVABL 1st Team (3B)
2013 Robert Riley All-MVABL 2nd Team (3B)
2012 Ian Huss MVABL College Player of the Year
2012 Ian Huss All-MVABL 1st Team (3B)
2012 Joe Becker Playoffs MVP
2012 Robert Riley MVABL Most Improved Player
2010 Clint Wolf All-MVABL 1st Team (OF)
2010 Clint Wolf MVABL XBH Leader
2010 Joe Staten All-MVABL 2nd Team (1B)
2010 Jonathan Silverman All-MVABL 2nd Team (P)
2010 Robert Riley All-MVABL 1st Team (3B)
2009 Brandon Howard All-MVABL 2nd Team (SS)
2009 Jelani Arnold Playoffs MVP
2009 Robert Riley All-MVABL 2nd Team (3B)
2009 Jake Kingsolver All-MVABL 1st Team (OF)
2009 Clint Wolf All-MVABL 1st Team (OF)
2008 Jacob Robinson MVABL Cy Young
2008 Jacob Robinson All-MVABL 1st Team (P)
2008 Jonmarc Lippincott All-MVABL 1st Team (SS)
2008 Clint Wolf All-MVABL 1st Team (OF)
2007 Clint Wolf MVABL MVP
2007 Clint Wolf All-MVABL 1st Team (OF)
2007 Joe Staten All-MVABL 1st Team (1B)
2006 Clint Wolf MVABL MVP
2006 Clint Wolf MVABL XBH Leader
2006 Clint Wolf All-MVABL 1st Team (OF)