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2022 Washington Twp. Wild Boars

2022 Washington Twp. Wild Boars

Turn Back the Clock Day 2021

2020 Washington Twp Wild Boars SOBF Fall Ball Champions

Boars Nest

Wild Boars square off against Divisional Dodgers

By Joe Cantrell 07/15/2024, 9:30am EDT

DH Days close out as Boars wins 2

Boars square off against Divisional Dodgers

The Wild Boars traveled to Troy this week to take on Divisional opponent the Miami Valley Dodgers. The atop the Miami Valley Division and being chased by the Dayton Rangers at every turn. The pitching battle that ensued between Boars starter Karson Florence and Dodgers starter JD Harvey was one for the ages, in a game that lasted just 1 hour and 20 minutes if you blinked in this one it was over.

Both Florence and Harvey were content in retiring each other’s hitters in order through the first 3 innings it was 3 up 3 down by a combination of ground balls, pop fly’s or just a good ol fashioned strike out the side.

Brandon Bower led off the 4th and was HBP he seemed destined to reach home when the Dodgers shortstop made a spinning throw on a ground ball that caught him just too far off the base. Brother Dylan Bower did manage to score on a Sac fly by Micah Stewart, Bower moved to 2nd, A FC by Hall to 3rd and Aaron “Mookie” Holmes drove him in. But the Dodgers had other plans Jacob Lucas reached on an error, then a single to right caused another error to go into the dugout to allow Lucas home, game was knotted at 1.

Both Florence and Harvey went back to business as usual in the 5th, in 3 up 3 down. Ryan Earley laced a single up the middle with a solid contact shot, Earley was moving on the next pitch which allowed no chance to double him up so the 4 to 3 on Bower then it took a turn, the next hit by Dylan Bower to short resulted in an out, Earley moved to 3rd and 1st baseman Gunnar Gannon fired a ball that sailed over the 3rd baseman and Earley scooted home to put the Boars up 2 to 1.

Dodgers were not going to quietly. After the first hitter grounded to Holmes at 1st. Florence K’d the next batter. Gannon bunted for a single and 2 walks left the bases loaded. But a sharp grounder to 3rd and Earley went to first for the out and damage control was done.

Florence needed 3 outs for his first win as a Boar and the complete game. A grounder came right back to him, then a grounder to Hall at 2nd, a BB and he finished with a swinging K.

Karson Florence Takes the Win, 7 innings CG, 1 Run unearned, 13 K’s on 2 hits.

Boars Defensive Player of the Game Aaron Holmes 1st base 5 PO’s, 3 Assist.

Boars Offensive Player of the Game Ryan Earley 1 for 2 with the Winning Run,


Game 2,

If you thought game 1 went fast this one lasted an hour, The Boars sent Dylan Bower to the mound and in typical Bower fashion struck out 2 allowed a hit but it was over on a second. The Wild Boars came out swinging right out of the chute. Bower leading off with a double came home on error by the Dodgers Catcher Hall singled and Holmes tripled for an RBI, Greve the Boars catcher tripled and both Mike Wischer and PJ Dobbins doubled. In the blink of an eye the Boars had put on 6 and never looked back.

Bower was back at it Striking out the first and last batters but allowed 1 hit and tagged out a bloop hit off the end of a bat. The Boars had a relatively quiet 2nd inning compared to the 1st. Bower doubled again came home on a wild pitch after moving to 3rd on Micah Stewart fly ball. Hall went back to the pitcher, and Mookie Holmes got a little greedy on a BB and tried to catch the catcher sleeping which did not work out.

Holmes would make up for his mistake in the field by snagging a grounder for 1 out and an unassisted 3rd out while Dylan Bower K’d the 2nd out. That is when the flood gates opened, not the weather, Ben Wischer was walked stole 2nd, His brother Mike brought him home with his second double on the day. Dobbins walked then raced Mike Wischer home on Ryan Earley’s double. Karson Florence walked Nick Long hit a double then went to 3rd on the throw home. Bower singled, Stewart walked, Stewart represented the 15th run and when Markus Hall doubled Stewart in his speedy fashion motored all the way home and game was over.

Dylan Bower picks up the Win, 3 innings CG, 2 hits 5 K’s

Bower also takes Boars Offensive and Defensive Player of the Game in this one 3 for 3 2 RBIs 2 doubles, 2 SB.

An onslaught however of Honorable Mentions. M. Wischer 2 for 2 with 2 doubles 2 runs, 1 RBI, Holmes 1 for 1 with a triple, RBI, Dobbins 1 for 1 double would have been a triple, Hall 2 for 3 with the walk off double Nick Long coming off the Bench ripping a double alertly moving to 3rd on the throw.

The Wild Boars will be at the All-Star game on Wednesday July 17th at Day Air Ballpark, come on down Admission is free to everyone may require singing at the National Anthem.

The Wild Boars return home to Schoolhouse Park #2 on July 21 for a game with the Wright Knights at 12pm, Admission is the unbelievably low-low price of free, come check out the Washington Twp Wild Boars at home at Schoolhouse Park after the All-Star Break.



W/L Record

Year Wins Losses
2021 14 9
2019 19 5
2018 12 13
2017 10 14
2016 6 16
2015 1 25


Year Players
2021 Joe Cantrell Mgr. Sully Minner, Markus Hall, Matt Seibert, Jacob Greve, Jason Combs, Matt Yates, Nick Stewart, Gary North
2019 Joe Cantrell Mgr. Sully Minner, Markus Hall, Matt Seibert, Jimmy Herold, Colin Minner, Gary North, Zac Carey, Sean Johnson (CNP)
2018 Thomas Troy, Jimmy Herold, Dylan Pletsch, Sully Minner, Brandon Lucas, Markus Hall
2017 Grant Mink, Meade Tabata, Joey Wilson
2016 Brandon Lucas, Doug Adkins, Zach Carroll
2015 Travis Knight, Eric Nelson

League Honors

Year Player Award
2021 Matt Yates MVABL Cy Young Award
2021 Jacob Greve All MVABL 1st Team OF
2021 Jimmy Herold All MVABL 2nd Team C
2021 Matt Yates All MVABL 2nd Team P
2021 Sully Minner All MVABL 2nd Team 1B
2019 Joe Cantrell 2019 Coach of the Year
2019 Colin Minner MVABL Rookie of the Year
2019 Zac Carey All MVABL 2nd Team P
2019 Zac Carey All MVABL 2nd Team OF
2019 Markus Hall All MVABL 1st Team SS
2019 Colin Minner All MVABL 2nd Team 2B
2019 Sully Minner All MVABL 1st Team 1B
2018 Joe Cantrell 2018 Coach of the Year
2018 Dylan Pletsch All MVABL 1st Team OF
2018 Markus Hall All MVABL 2nd Team SS
2018 James Jimmy Herold All MVABL 2nd Team Catcher
2017 Meade Tabata All MVABL 2nd team Catcher
2016 Brandon Lucas Draft Pick of The Year