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2022 Washington Twp. Wild Boars

2022 Washington Twp. Wild Boars

Turn Back the Clock Day 2021

2020 Washington Twp Wild Boars SOBF Fall Ball Champions

Boars Nest

Iverson and the Dodgers continue to confuse the Wild Boars

By Joe Cantrell 04/18/2024, 6:30pm EDT

Errors and Mistakes prove costly for the Boars

Week 2, Schoolhouse Park Centerville Ohio, The Washington Twp Wild Boars welcomed in the Darke County Dodgers to the Park. While Dodgers pitcher Iverson Ventura and the Dodgers Blue Crew continued to confuse the Boars even into the new season. Ventura kept the Boars bats in neutral for almost the entire game.

The Boars as a whole made one uncharacteristic mistake after another compiling 6 errors resulting in 7 runs for the Dodgers. PJ Dobbins came on to pitch and silenced the Dodgers through 6 and 1/3rd innings while Ryan Earley worked the final 2 the 2 combined to hold the Dodgers scoreless from the 3rd inning on.

The Boars had a slim chance to avoid the shutout in the 6th as Mike Wischer III laced a single to the outfield. Dobbins was put into run and made it to 3rd but was held. The Boars finally pushed a run across in the 8th on an errant pickoff attempt after Jacob Greve was HBP. It was one of the few mistakes Ventura would make all day.

The Boars bats woke up in the 5th as the top of the Boars order had 4 straight singles and then after a flyout 2 more gave the Boars 4 runs. The Boars would draw to within 2 at 7 to 5 as they created the 3rd out on ground ball to give the Dodgers the Win.

The 1 and 1 Wild Boars will welcome the Angels of Springfield to Centerville Sunday and try to break out of the mistake prone zone they were in game time is 12pm.

W/L Record

Year Wins Losses
2021 14 9
2019 19 5
2018 12 13
2017 10 14
2016 6 16
2015 1 25


Year Players
2021 Joe Cantrell Mgr. Sully Minner, Markus Hall, Matt Seibert, Jacob Greve, Jason Combs, Matt Yates, Nick Stewart, Gary North
2019 Joe Cantrell Mgr. Sully Minner, Markus Hall, Matt Seibert, Jimmy Herold, Colin Minner, Gary North, Zac Carey, Sean Johnson (CNP)
2018 Thomas Troy, Jimmy Herold, Dylan Pletsch, Sully Minner, Brandon Lucas, Markus Hall
2017 Grant Mink, Meade Tabata, Joey Wilson
2016 Brandon Lucas, Doug Adkins, Zach Carroll
2015 Travis Knight, Eric Nelson

League Honors

Year Player Award
2021 Matt Yates MVABL Cy Young Award
2021 Jacob Greve All MVABL 1st Team OF
2021 Jimmy Herold All MVABL 2nd Team C
2021 Matt Yates All MVABL 2nd Team P
2021 Sully Minner All MVABL 2nd Team 1B
2019 Joe Cantrell 2019 Coach of the Year
2019 Colin Minner MVABL Rookie of the Year
2019 Zac Carey All MVABL 2nd Team P
2019 Zac Carey All MVABL 2nd Team OF
2019 Markus Hall All MVABL 1st Team SS
2019 Colin Minner All MVABL 2nd Team 2B
2019 Sully Minner All MVABL 1st Team 1B
2018 Joe Cantrell 2018 Coach of the Year
2018 Dylan Pletsch All MVABL 1st Team OF
2018 Markus Hall All MVABL 2nd Team SS
2018 James Jimmy Herold All MVABL 2nd Team Catcher
2017 Meade Tabata All MVABL 2nd team Catcher
2016 Brandon Lucas Draft Pick of The Year